Steel Structure Expert

With its claim on the steel building sector, Akşan Yapı offers a new building alternative for Turkey with steel structure systems.

Steel Structure Systems Manufacturing Plant Akkon established in Çerkezköy in 2001 is Turkey’s biggest manufacturer and one of the three biggest manufacturers of Europe with its 35 thousand tons structural steel manufacturing capacity.

What is
steel structure?

The steel structure system is a type of building where building elements are of a conveyer nature (wall, furnishings) and which is produced with the cold shaping method from galvanized steel.

Building elements manufactured under control and supervision with modern machines at CNC counters at factories are brought to the construction site in a sheltered way and assembled there. It has the accuracy advantage compared to conventional building systems.


  • 35th Street was awarded the prizes in 3 categories in the contest of Most Successful Real Estate Investments of Turkey regarded as the “Real Estate Oscars”.


  • The first BREEAM Certificated residential project of Turkey, 35th Street, was introduced at the International Green Buildings Summit.

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  • 35th Street was introduced at Tüpraş’ Energy of Green Life and Green Cities Symposium.

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  • The secret of steel structures were discussed in “The Key Point” program at A News

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