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On a firmer footing!

Fikri Şimşek

Fikri Şimşek, born in 1937 and graduated from Istanbul Technical University, went to Austria in the conditions of 1960s’ Turkey and stayed there for 7 years, continued his education and turned back to Turkey as an experienced person. After being involved in many projects as an engineer during development and restructuring phases of Turkey at that time, he founded Şimşek İnşaat Taahhüt ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi, which would later give its place to Akşan, in 1970. Akşan Construction, which had never given up the people-oriented working principals of its founder Fikri Şimşek, is trying to hand down those principles to the future generations.
More of corporate!

Şimşek İnşaat, having participated especially in reconstruction of our country and in official projects, undergone some changes in its name and appearance after the participation of the second generation; Melih, Mert and Müge Şimşek who joined the company in 1984 and became a high profile in the sector with its special and qualified projects. After 1999 Earthquake, Akşan Construction decided to put the idea of steel construction into practice and has directed all its energy and marketing strategy over light steel construction systems since then after establishing its Light Steel factory in 2000. Akşan Construction, With Akkon Çelik factory, having constructed 1 million m2 building in a short period of time, has reached 20,000 tons of production capacity and become the largest producer in Turkey, and one of the top three in Europe.

Başkan'ın Mesajı
Happier, prouder!

Akşan Construction never starts a project without fully trusting it due to its people oriented nature; we set off after being hundred percent confident in all our commitments. We are proud of this awareness and responsibility which enabled us to accomplish many projects both in Turkey and abroad, and we always try to be more successful. We attach importance to using our opportunities, energy and background not only in favor of our people and country, but also in favor of our employees. We pay care to being contemporary, even ahead of our age and environmentally conscious. With our innovative nature, we not only carry the feeling of proud with the economic data of Light Steel Construction System that we have presented to Turkey, but also we carry the responsibility and awareness. We must have the mission of developing our leadership. We aim to improve this perception not only in our company, but also in other companies and spread this consciousness everywhere. Our aim is to create more modernistic and reasonable processes than the current century and to share everything we acquired in the next century. This must always be our preliminary aim and we must make people happy and then share happiness.
More modern, more respectful, more satisfyingı!

"Producing quality products, in the most economic environments, by using advancing technologies."
Our preliminary target is to construct buildings that are respectful and satisfactory to the people. To construct reliable, contemporary, capable to meet requirements, long-lasting buildings that are respectful to the environment and to present the best to people by making them happier. Our developmental strategy is based on more and more satisfaction of people. We aim to establish production plants in two more places, namely Africa and Middle East in addition to Turkey, and become the leader in steel construction field. The aim of Akşan Light Steel Construction System is to provide families who have to live in multistory houses with detached houses under the same economical conditions. The concept of independent house is not a luxury but a need for the modern world and everybody deserves it as a necessity of the contemporary life. The necessity of light steel construction systems to be used all over the world is indisputable considering the past earthquakes in Turkey and its damage to the Turkish industry and economy. Our aim is to cover the needs of safe and quality housing all over the world, reach the investors and contractor firms and make the light steel construction system widespread all over the world. As for the industrial sector, Akşan Construction aims to present to the investors and industrialists the advantages of light steel construction, which is faster, more economical and safer than conventional reinforced concrete buildings.

More Reliable, More Functional, Faster!
We build a better building by creating a system which unifies the safety of engineering and the esthetic values of architecture, and managing the production processes effectively.

Our principals are:

• To deliver the commitments in a timely, flawless fashion that fully complies with the project.
• Implement the right details without giving any concessions from quality.
• Never giving concessions from architectural creativity.
• Pay importance to team work and provide a working atmosphere that encourages individual and team successes.
• To establish all relations on the basis of mutual trust.
• Give priority to projects which make people happy and are satisfactory, without neglecting humanistic foundation.
• To construct environment friendly, energy saving buildings which are respectful to the human being, nature and world.
Akkon Çelik
Akkon Çelik Yapı Sistemleri San. Tic. AŞ
Akşan Light Steel Construction Factory is the first industrial establishment entirely Turkish capital and American “know-how” to produce the light steel girder housing systems in Turkey, which is commonly used in developing countries and especially in the U.S. This establishment which can produce 600.000 m2 of covered area in a year, in other words, 3000 housings with 200 m2 area each, offers high quality and technology, reliability and time, and economy in housing constructions. This integrated system that produces computer-aided architectural designs on CNC lathes without any flaw by using solely machines is the vital technology for our country which is under earthquake threat. Our aim is to provide our country’s people, investor and contractor firm in need of safe housing with light steel construction technology that is preferred by developed countries. Click for details!
Akşan Yapı
Akşan Etüd Müşavirlik ve Mühendislik AŞ
The company was founded in 1984. The actual experience of founders in this sector is coming from 70’s. Many contracting business, both government and private sector, and build-and-sell projects have been completed succesfully over many years. Akşan always gives a huge importance to the developments in the sector. According to this apprehension and the thinking of the effects of 1999 Adapazarı Earthquake,the company has chosen the light gause steel system as the main construction system. The actual capacity has been reached up to 100.000 m2 with this development.
Akşan Prokar A.Ş.
Toplam Kalite
More quality, more perfect, faster!

Akşan Construction, with its experiment from past years and its expert technical team, gives turnkey delivery commitment services by providing the best solutions in project, production and mounting in the works which it’s the contractor.
Our mission is to emerge earthquake awareness, and make the proper, of good quality and earthquake-resistant housings built with high technology widespread in our country. Akşan Construction has fully adopted producing with technology of high quality and economy as its policy. Always acquiring the high quality image in production, searching for the perfection in total quality is the first and basic condition of our company.
We shall continue to be the leading producer of Light Steel Construction System in Turkey by building a variety of housings that satisfy our clients and their needs and by working with the team spirit in the frame of our long-term targets.